We offer a wide range of professional waste services to meet the demands of our clients. Please have a look below to view our wide range of services.


    We provide skips, trailers, tankers, dolavs, IBC’s or whatever means is required to effectively remove wastes off site.

We can deal with wastes of both a hazardous and non-hazardous nature. We provide full traceability of every movement, with full documentation. We want the best for our clients, and will always seek to find the most cost effective recycling options.



Silverwoods have recently obtained a Bespoke Permit enabling the composting of Organic Fines from MBT plants within our 75,000t Waste Transfer Station in Silloth, Cumbria.

Our unique permit will enable us to divert Organic Fines (EWC 19 12 12) from Landfill with the resultant CLO used in the restoration of Brownfield Sites. The permit also allows the composting of other Organic wastes. These are available to see on the downloadable permit within the ‘Permit’ section





 Silverwoods have the capability to securely destroy most wastes when required, using its network of waste transfer stations and licenced facilities.

We understand our customers’ needs in terms of reassurance and security and therefore provide certificates of destruction, photographic evidence and the opportunity for third parties to witness the process. Confidential destruction is also available. Our service covers the whole process. Collection, transportation, destruction and recycling of leftover material.

We apply the Waste Hierarchy (Prevention, Re-use, Recycling, Recovery, Disposal) to all of the wastes we manage.

We guarantee that within 3 months of managing a contract, we will achieve a minimum of 90% recycling rates utilising our Waste Transfer Station, our partner MRF’s, AD Plants, and IVC’s. Within 6 months our clients will reach Zero Landfill.

We offer blended alternative N P K fertilisers and Lime. These are available on request and can be supplied bagged or in bulk at a considerable cost saving. Please contact us for further details.






Our FACTS, BASIS and WAMITAB qualified staff can apply their knowledge to meet any of your waste management queries.

We offer the following services;

  • NVZ advice / consultancy
  • Independent waste analysis and interpretation
  • Waste management Licence applications
  • Landspreading of wastes for agricultural benefit
  • Planning applications for waste facilities
  • Environmental Compliance
  • ‘Cradle to Grave’ recycling audits
  • Land sampling and pollution risk assessments
  • Composting / MBT advice
We currently manage a wide range of bulk solids and liquid organic wastes.

Silverwoods currently work with and manage waste streams from a number of abattoirs, food processing sites (dairies/creameries), composting facilities, AD Plants and paper mills. Wastes under our control are subject to a full chemical analysis to assess both the major plant nutrients and heavy metals.

Our FACTS and WAMITAB qualified staff ensure that they are suitable for agricultural use by providing valuable Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphate, Magnesium and Sulphur